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In-Game Moderator Format

Here is the Official Format for "In-Game Moderator" (Staff Member). IGM or In-Game Moderator are first line supervisors for Server Support. In-Game Moderators have proven their worth to the Administrative team through their hard work and dedication to the server. In-Game Moderator are tasked with keeping In-Game, Forums, and Discord clean/ secure of all rule violators.

In-Game Moderators have a Forum user bar of:  [Image: moderator.png]

Forum Name:

In-Game Name:

How long have you been player Tojad?:

Will you be active In-Game, Forums, and Discord?:

Why should we hire you into our Staff Team?:

Anything else?:

** Any player who is accepted as an In-Game Moderator will go through a 2 week trial as a "Server Support".

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