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Official Middleman Format

Here is the Official application format for "Middleman" (Non Staff). A OMM (Official Middleman) is a Non Staff rank that players can apply for that have proven themself to the Staff Team that they can be trusted through Trusted Trades between Tojad gp and OSRS/ 07 gp. Official Middleman are held to a higher standard than regular players and will conduct themselves properly and with maturity.

OMM/ Middleman have a Forum user bar of :  [Image: lhITl7X.png.5f60e49b346e5d5d4167f334dd7fefe3.png]

Forum Name:

In-Game Name:

How long have you been playing Tojad?:

Will you be active In-Game, Forums, and Discord?:

Why should we promote you to Middleman?:

Anything else?:

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