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Official Monkey Madness Quest Guide

Hello Tojad members. This is the official guide for Monkey Madness in case you get stuck at any point throughout the quest.

REQUIREMENT: At LEAST 100m gold in your inventory for step 4. It is best to have it on you prior to going so that you don't have to make another trip through the underground passage.

1. Quest Start - Open your quest tab and click Monkey Madness. The beginning step will tell you to speak to King Narnode Shareen. The NPC you need to speak to is known as Glough in game. He is located at the Gnome Stronghold on the first floor.

*The best way to get to Gnome Stronghold is to use the skilling teleport and go to agility -> Gnome Course. Once there, run north to enter the Tree Stronghold, where you'll find King Narnode Shareen.*

2. Click through the dialogue with Glough, and he will tell you to find his spy on Ape Atoll. He will also tell you the means to travel to Ape Atoll by his Glider system. Climb the stairs all the way to the top (there are four stories to the tree stronghold). Once at the top, you will find an NPC named Waydar. Right click him to use the travel option. A map will show up, prompting you to choose a location. The location you want to choose is Gandius. You will transition to the island of Gandius, where you will find two NPC's in front of you. Daero is the NPC you need to interact with. Right click him and use his travel option, he will bring you to Ape Atoll. Once you arrive at Ape Atoll, run directly west until you find the red exclamation mark on the map indicating a dungeon. At this spot, you will find an NPC named Lumo. Speak with him to progress to the next step of the quest.

3. Click through the dialogue with Lumo, he will tell you no human can go through Ape Atoll and that you need to figure out how to disguise yourself as a monkey. He knows of someone who can make this possible for you, a gnome by the name of Lumdo. To find Lumdo, you need to climb down the bamboo ladder right beside Lumo. Once you climb down, follow the image attached to find your way easily through the underground passage. Once you reach the end, you will find the NPC Lumdo, speak with him. 

4. Click through the dialogue with Lumdo. He will inform you that he has the means to give you an item that will transform your appearance to become a monkey. This step requires 100m gold to buy the greegree off of Lumdo. Buy the greegree from Lumdo. *I would use this opportunity to teleport somewhere there is a bank nearby. You will need to gear up for the upcoming fight. Take out your combat of choice gear (melee, range, mage) and get some food and prayer potions. (I believe range is the best option to take for fighting the jungle demon as you can leave space between you and it and only have to use the mage protection prayer)* Once you buy the greegree, the best way to resume the quest is to use the skilling teleport -> agility -> gnome course again, then run north once more and up the stairs to travel using Waydar, then travelling again using Daero to put you back on Ape Atoll. This will put you in a better position to be back on the island with the greegree. It's faster than running back through the underground passage to go up the ladder. 

5. Once you arrive back on the island of Ape Atoll with the greegree in your inventory run west again but this time passed Lumo. Once you pass Lumo, you will begin to see a brown lining on the map. Run north along the brown line on the map until you see it narrow into a pathway. Before passing into the pathway, equip the monkey greegree. The walkway to the gate is lined with monkey guards, so you will need to be disguised to avoid taking damage and to get through the door. Click to go through the door and the guards will say a monkey wishes to pass, open the gates. You are now behind enemy lines. Run east along the pathway indicated on the map. When you are able to see the bank symbol in the city, walk north and you will see a yellow dot on the map indicating an NPC. Speak with Karam (the NPC aforementioned) and click through the dialogue. 

6. WARNING - This is where the fight will begin. When you finish your conversation with Karam, walk a bit north and you will be told about a demon and you are required to fight it. The best way to fight this demon, again, is to use range so you can leave space between you and the jungle demon. This makes the fight much easier, as you only have to use the protect from magic prayer. The fight in my honest opinion is not hard at all, just make sure you have enough prayer potions and food just in case you do get hit or use melee against the monster and he switches attacks on you. Once you defeat the jungle demon, your character will say I should speak with King Narnode Shareen about what has happened.

7. Return to King Narnode Shareen (aka Glough) (again, located in the tree gnome stronghold *teleports -> skilling -> agility -> gnome course*) and tell him of your good news. Click through the dialogue with Glough and you will have completed the quest!

REWARDS: 1x Ghrazi Rapier (custom red edition) (stats are the same as Ghrazi Rapier from Theatre of Blood).
                 3x Combat Lamp (grants xp for combat skill of your choosing).

GUIDE BY: Mod Max - Thanks to Spikey for some of the screenshots!

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Really nice guide well done max Smile

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