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Position applying for: Youtuber moderator

hours on each day: 10-12

moderator experience: have been a moderator on over 4 servers, only 3 were serious positions. have been admin as well on 2 servers and a co owner on one.

Server experience: I have been around for 3 years now, making videos and advertising for tojad/oraclescape.( shout out yall OGs)

What suits you for this position: I am an all around friendly person and player. I work from home so I will be able to be online almost all day long. I am always willing to help, I will stay active on forums as well as in game. I am dedicated to this server and community. and that's a FACT.

You will not be disappointed in your decision, as always take it easy!

kinest regards,

Dub Smile

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